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Dental Cleanings in Tallmadge

Cleaning your teeth should be something you do several times a day. Generally, brushing twice a day or between meals is what is recommended, but aside from setting your own routine it also helps to see your dentist for professional cleanings, too. Everyone needs biannual dental cleanings to maintain their health, but periodontal cleanings may be needed in certain cases. Here at Easton Dental, our Tallmadge best dentist is here to help in all cases, and Dr. Marino and Associates only ever provide the best possible dental care.

Taking care of your teeth is essential, but it’s important that you book dental checkups and cleanings twice a year regardless of any suspected issues. Some people only ever go to the dentist when they have a cavity or some other problem, but making sure you see your dentist for checkups and cleanings once every six months can prevent dental emergencies and help catch issues like cavities and gum disease early on. As important as it is for you to brush your teeth every day, a professional cleaning is still recommended twice a year. There is only so much your at-home toothbrush can really do, and a professional cleaning here at Easton Dental with our Tallmadge best dentist can help tackle tartar and plaque buildup. In some cases, gum disease may be diagnosed during a dental exam, or you may notice symptoms of the condition on your own. Symptoms may include redness, bleeding, sensitivity, or visibly receding gums. Early stage gum disease is referred to as gingivitis, but more advanced cases can exist too. In these instances, a periodontal cleaning may be needed for a deeper cleaning.

Here at Easton Dental, Dr. Marino has office hours Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturdays. We offer a wide range of services from cleanings and checkups to fillings and dental crowns, implants and Invisalign, plus so much more. Whether you need a dental cleaning or a periodontal cleaning, all you need to do is visit our Tallmadge best dentist to get the care you need.

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